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Note about sales: If someone expresses an interest in buying a painting displayed in the Members Online Show, PWS will contact the artist who will be given the prospective buyer’s contact information.  It will be up to the individual artist to pursue and finalize the prospective sale.   PWS will charge no commission if a sale is made.  If a sale is made, PWS must be notified so the painting can be marked as sold on the website.

Award Winners

  • 1st Place - Karen Romani - Beauty in the Garden 
  • 2nd Place - R. Mike Nichols - Watercolorist 2 
  • 3rd Place - Tony Armendariz - Luis 
  • 4th Place - Albina Herron - Lily of the Valley 
  • 5th Place - Lana Privitera - Heirlooms and Bargains
Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)
  • John Bierley - Merge 
  • Z Feng - Moon River Boating 
  • Janine Helton - Breezy 
  • Rebecca Krutsinger - Goldfinch 
  • Francis Lee - Lake N16 
  • Yan Liang - Sketch from Lugu Lake, Houses with walnut trees
  • Stacy Lund Levy - The Shops 
  • Anni Matsick - Stripes 
  • Richard Ressel - Stone Harbor Confetti 
  • Pam Wenger - The Axe Thrower
Juror's Statement

Joanna Barnum

pasted-movie.pngIt was a pleasure to judge the awards for this year's Pennsylvania Watercolor Society Online Members Show. I enjoyed spending time with your work, reveling in the breadth of styles, subjects, and moods watermedia is capable of conveying, as well as the personal viewpoints and passions of each artist. In selecting award winners, I looked for pieces that demonstrated not only technical excellence within the artist's chosen vocabulary, but also a sense of the artist's fascination with their subject.

It is both an honor and a tremendous responsibility to be asked to judge one's fellow artists. Congratulations to the award winners, but also to all who chose to share their work. Above all else, to be an artist is, simply, to create work with sincerity again and again, and to be brave enough to share it with others in whatever way you can. So please keep painting and keep sharing, the world needs your art.

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